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Our Background

TEDxUStreetSalon is a local, independently organized event to be to be held in Washington DC.
We want this to be an event that strives to recreate the unique experience found at TED, where
the world’s leading thinkers and doers congregate to share what they are most passionate
about. At its core, the fundamental goal of TED and TEDxUStreetSalon is to foster and spread
great ideas. We aim to provide a platform where the smartest thinkers, greatest visionaries, and
most fascinating teachers will be inspired and will have the opportunity to inspire others.

I decided to expand the TEDxUStreet brand because I recognized that I was missing a critical
market audience – men. The TEDxUStreetWomen conference is considered to be the signature
event of the TEDxUStreet brand. TedxUStreetSalon events provide additional value to the brand
by having several smaller event before and after the TEDxUStreetWomen conference. These
events do not to replace each other, but complement each other. TEDxSalons are designed to be
small but impactful. A critical element of salon is lively discussions, allowing attendees to
actively participate in the event. With much smaller audiences, salons bring attendees together
in more intimate spaces, and with more chances to get know and exchange ideas with each

                                                                            ---  Kim Webster, MBA, TEDxUStreetSalon Curator


Community Focused




July 5, 2021


Theme: Creating Your Legacy 

October 11, 2021

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