The Future of Men of Color
Part 1

Welcome to our inaugural TEDxUStreetSalon event! I am so pleased that you have decided to join us this evening. This event is designed to be small and impactful - giving the audience more chance to get know and exchange ideas with each other. Today, our theme is “The Future of Men of Color” where the speakers and panelists will discuss their ideas around the changing landscape of the world and how it impacts men of color. With the emergence of the pandemic, civic unrest, an attack on our democracy, and now our fellow men and women of color are being attacked without cause; now more than ever, it is our responsibility as citizens to think about solutions that affect the future of mankind. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy as we discuss ideas on how we can change the world. Don’t forget to sign up to be apart of future events – just like this one. Our next event is July 5, 2021.


Hope to see you then!

Kim Webster, MBA
TEDxUStreetSalon Curator


Monday April 5, 2021

4pm     Registration Opens/Vendors/Social

Distanced Networking

5pm     Event Begins

    Session 1 – Navigating Within a system That Don't

Appreciate Your Heritage

    Session 2 – Is Wealth the Answer to the future of men of color? 


    Session 3 – Healing Through the Lens of Young People 



    Session 4 - Panel Discussion

 Inter-Generational Discussion

about the Future of Young Men


    Meal Function



*Please Note: 

This event will be recorded